CABARET for volkskrant mag

set styling

Dutch comedians posing in their stage outfits for Volkskrant magazine. We worked with magical velvets and mirrored illusions in this set design. The velvet gives tribute to the known curtain drawing on stage, whereas the mirrors reflect the funny side of the performance. The featured comedians are: Stefano Keizers, De Partizanen, Vrijdag & Sandifort, Eva Crutzen and Alex Ploeg.

Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld Setdesign: Jay Kay Studio + SHH (Shi Hui Hung) Hair and make-up: Meltem Sahin @ Angelique Hoorn Management Assistance: Timo Steenvoorden, Alex Berger, Eva Halfers With thanks to: Bluered Blankets from buroBELĂ©N and Leentje van Hengel-Tinctoria