art direction | expo design | graphic design

55 young artists show their work in this screaming greenscreen expo in Vondelpark. The expo design refers to our multi-tasking behaviour on digital devices; having multiple screens open at the same time and browsing through visual data efficiently. Instead of witnessing artwork in-depth, we provided the possibility to scan. With a greenscreen background, you can adopt the works however you want..

The art is displayed on layered windows. Some works are literally cut to pieces in the exhibition, like fragments of information. By climbing towers, visitors can have a birds eye view of the windows of art.

Curated by Aynouk Tan; “Our horizontal way of navigating – volatile and in random order – allows space to make personal connections. There is no paved path: everything exists next to each other and everything is equally important.”

  • client | AVROTROS / Opium
  • location | VondelCS Amsterdam