creative direction | pop-up interior

Daring design for a temporary co-working space in a former Philips factory. The colourful areas provide creative workspaces, such as a green garden area (yes, with fluffy white rabbit and a swing), a coffee bar to meet people, a bed to work in and take a nap, a living room and a library.

Each furniture piece is custom-made to fit its purpose, but all are based on the same uniform grey panels. These panels can transform into cubicle desks and achieve a real office inferno when concentration is needed. The space had its own virtual host, projected largely on the wall. He would assist people throughout their workday. The project is a play on extremeties, shifting from a trendy play-office into a slave-like cubicle setting.

This project was published and gained media attention worldwide, as it really provoked the global discussion on work environments and how it affects people. The studio conducted extensive research on the behaviour of people who made use of the workspace.

  • client | Art Space MU
  • production | Christiaan Bakker
  • photography | Corneel de Wilde
  • location | De Witte Dame, Eindhoven