creative direction | experience design

What makes you happy? Is it the admiration you get from others, or can you really create happiness just by yourself? Inside this machine, happiness is brought to you in just 4 minutes by a virtual voice. After a screening, you step into the cabin and experience an overload of compliments and confirmation. Is someone observing you, or is it just a machine saying all these nice things about you... After this session you are ready to be revealed to the audience around. The sides of the cabin fall open and it's your time to shine. This project addresses the topic of how manufacturable happiness is, and how we live in a society that is driven by virtual likes. It was very interesting to see how every visitor put on a show, raising their hands in the air with elatement as the audience cheered them on.

  • client | Oerol // Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken
  • production | Fons Venner (physical part) // Rogier Koppejan (software part)
  • location | Oerol, Terschelling