creative concept | design

A travelling barbershop, ready to be placed in any existing space. The robes of both the hairdresser and her client are merged with the walls and floor of the foldable shop. The experience is unique: seated on the stool, the barbershop comes over you like a soft sheet. Once inside it feels as if you're in a white void. The only visible part of your body, is your head. A small opening at the front enables an audience to peek inside. They will be your mirror.

The enormous white bag is normally used as a lining in shipping containers, but is now recycled into a one-fits-all salon. It is a playful take on pop-up stores.

The barbershop travelled around The Netherlands, Italy and China respectively, collecting the hair of hundreds of brave clients.

  • production | in collaboration with Studio Vacant NL
  • photography | Corneel de Wilde
  • location | Amsterdam, Milan, Beijing, Rotterdam